maandag 20 juni 2011


Hi guys,
I guess it's been a while, but I'm like extremely amazingly surprisingly busy right now, like everyone else I believe :) Last week my class had FCE exam, and I was freaking nervous. Eventually it went quite well, but I never say anything went well: Bad luck! While I was in the city, we had a short moment to shop. So I bought two things:

The white 'blouse/shirt' is from America Today and the pink singlet is from a store called martinique. 
I know, the rushes (or things I don't know how you call them) look really weird, but this is how they're supposed to be:

These are the contents of my bag of that day:

  • chewing gum: Stimorol fusion and sportlife extra mint
  • parfume samples definitely a tip: It doesn't take much room, you smell good all day and you can choose :)
  • Sunglasses
  • my beautiful *urghghh* Ipod, which I can't live without.
  • keys, of course
  • make- up: Mascara, eyeliner, face powder and a brush sort of thing. ALWAYS look on your best!
  • last but not least, of course my phone, which I am using to take these pictures 
So, now I'd like to know.... WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG ON A USUAL DAY?
There was some more, like maybe an umbrella or scarf, but this is also my daily needs. So, I'm gonna go learn for my history test, you all have a great monday and week, if a monday could be great of course. Which it can't, obviously.


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Anoniem zei

Hee! Klopt, :)
Ik volg je!

Sofie zei

Hey :D
Nice blog :)
Do you want to follow each other? :D
let me know!!

Fash Boulevard zei

OMG. I love the perfume samples idea. I have so many and just keep them in my bathroom. I will def. throw a few in my purse now. Great tip! :)

I would love for you to stop by to check out my new trend report and outfit post. xoxo

Blaise zei

nice blog, love the bag cotents idea :)


Sofie zei

thanks so much sweety :D
I follow back <3
Hope to see you soon!

Meera zei

I love these items! Your pink shirt is gorgeous.


Esther zei

Oeeh, leuke dingen heb je gekocht! :)
en leuke dingen in je tas haha :)


Lupe zei

Lovely! :)
want to enter my giveaway?

Marleen zei

Dat roze topje is zo leuk! en wat een leuke zonnebril!

mirjam schuurkamp zei

roze topje is leuk meis!

New outfit post; Blue blue sky

Amber zei

De roze top is leuk!

En wauw waar heb jij je zonnebril vandaan?!?!

Brechtje zei

Die topjes zijn echt leuk! Ik ga ook maar eens bij America Today kijken voor leuke shirtjes. :)

Leuk om te zien wat erin je tas zit. Coole zonnebril! Ik wil ook zo graag een IPod Touch of een IPhone, nog even sparen. ;)

'fenna zei

ohhhhh waaaaar heb je die zonnebril vandaan, en duur was 'ie ? hij is echt heel leuk! x