zondag 4 december 2011


Hello everybody!

I know I haven't posted in... 3 months(?), and there's a big fat reason for that. I've been incredibly busy these past couple of months. Haven't had time to do anything but school.  That's reason one I AM GOING TO STOP WITH THIS BLOG
reason 2: This is not what i want. This blog doesn't represent me, as it should. That's why I started a new blog on a new account, see it as a fresh start :) This is the blog:


Feel free to take a look.
Thank you everyone who commented/looked on my blog and I hope that you enjoyed yourselves.
Have a good one everybody!


zondag 4 september 2011


Today I went to the nearest forest to make some pics for art class. Since I'm a sophomore now, things in this class are changing. I chose art because I feel like it's the only class where I can express myself and that's the most important thing in life, according to me of course. We have several themes and assignments, but you can do whatever you want with both of them. This theme's called Into Photography?, so it's kind of obvious you're playing with photo's and camera's. The assignment I did today was about chosing one sort of smaller theme and make some shots that you feel like belong to the theme. I chose in a green, ecolicious wonderland and these are the photos I made (you weren't allowed to choose more than 6 photos out of the ones you made). Only four because two couldn't get uploaded.

The idea was to pay attention to light, shadow and stuff.

As you may have seen, I've deleted a few posts. Why? I am in the middle of a blog change and I just want to make a fresh start. This week, REALLY THIS WEEK, the last things will be changed and then my blog will be as good as new!

vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

New Love

These are my new pumps and I am in love with them. I bought them at Breda, where I went shopping yesterday.
I had a really good time and feel like shopping all the time now, haha.Site update isn't going so well so far, because I just haven't had the time yet, I'll do it as quickly as possible, so be aware! :)

zaterdag 23 juli 2011

So again it's been a while, but I'm just enjoying my holiday. Last week I came home and my mom said she had visited my grandmother, who apparently bought me a present. She said I had to guess what it was. Something with fashion, starting with a 'n' ( in English a 's'). I had no idea, but it turned out te be a sewing machine! I was so happy. I used to use my mom's, but now I have my own and it feels so good. It's on my room and I've been using it a lot, just for some experiments.

A few days ago I went to Arnhem with my little sister and we had so much fun! We ate croissants and smoothies and we saw the movie 'Bad Teacher', which was good but we'd expected more of it. After that we had only for about 30 minutes left, so we just visited the Invito, Ici Paris XL and the H&M. I bought sunglasses for only €1,- and I'm planning on buying chance by Chanel, but I'm not sure yet. Here's a picture:

Yesterday my mom asked me if I wanted to go to a shop in the village, and of course I said yes. I have pocket money for my clothing and stuff, but mostly when I go shopping with my mom, she pays. It's a win-win-situation for the both of us! She has a happy daughter, I have amazing new stuff!

It was second piece of clothing €1,-, so ... shop until you drop! It is quite an expensive shop, but I didn't really care about that. I bought this McGregor bag, which I like very much. What do you think?

Have a lovely weekend!

dinsdag 28 juni 2011

Hi guys,

so school's pretty much done, I almost don't have to do anything any more. Just some presentations and stuff for art, which I'll be showing you of course :) It feels so good, walking through school knowing I won't be standing here any more in three days. So weird! I guess I'm just so excited about my holiday! Like America, it's THE country, where it all happens. I'm going shopping for three days in a row. Hello Victoria's Secret, byebye Hunkenmöller!
I've made some sketches last week of things I MIGHT want to make in real life. Here they are:


(The coat is made out of paperclips, the trousers out of different pieces of fabric)


(The top is made out of ribbon)



(it's a robotthing)




maandag 20 juni 2011


Hi guys,
I guess it's been a while, but I'm like extremely amazingly surprisingly busy right now, like everyone else I believe :) Last week my class had FCE exam, and I was freaking nervous. Eventually it went quite well, but I never say anything went well: Bad luck! While I was in the city, we had a short moment to shop. So I bought two things:

The white 'blouse/shirt' is from America Today and the pink singlet is from a store called martinique. 
I know, the rushes (or things I don't know how you call them) look really weird, but this is how they're supposed to be:

These are the contents of my bag of that day:

  • chewing gum: Stimorol fusion and sportlife extra mint
  • parfume samples definitely a tip: It doesn't take much room, you smell good all day and you can choose :)
  • Sunglasses
  • my beautiful *urghghh* Ipod, which I can't live without.
  • keys, of course
  • make- up: Mascara, eyeliner, face powder and a brush sort of thing. ALWAYS look on your best!
  • last but not least, of course my phone, which I am using to take these pictures 
So, now I'd like to know.... WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG ON A USUAL DAY?
There was some more, like maybe an umbrella or scarf, but this is also my daily needs. So, I'm gonna go learn for my history test, you all have a great monday and week, if a monday could be great of course. Which it can't, obviously.


zondag 5 juni 2011

Colours of the rainbow

This summer, as i'm sure of you've seen, all colours are possible. You can combine the weirdest colours and it still looks good! We're back in the 70's/80's I guess (: Here are some outfits with the colours of the rainbow!

For a happy, cheery look yellow and purple are ideal! Not every colour yellow or purple matches with the other, but mostly it's a good match. 

This is my favourite. Green and blue. These colours combined give you a fresh and natural look and make you stunning!  Between them? Turquoise.! My favourite colour (: It's the colour of the sunglasses and the thrid bracelet. Make sure it's not too much, because we don't want to look like idiots, do we?1

Orange is a colour most people don't give a shot, but it's actually a beautiful, bright and shiny colour! Combined wit white, it will give your a summer, girly and most of all very fashionable feeling and look! I think everyone you should try to wear orange! 

Red + black = a little bit punk. But that's okay cause as you see in this post punk's a huge trend this summer. But these two colours combined don't have to be punk. Try a LBD with red heels and a red purse: Perfect! And black killerheels aren't quite punk either (: So try and keep your wardrobe versatile.

Every colour has it's own pro's and con's!


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zaterdag 4 juni 2011

Royal College of Art Graduate Show 2011

Graduate Fashion Week celebrates its 20th anniversary this year at Earls Court with shows and exhibitions from over 1,000 British and international design students. Of course, this must be celebrated! That's why Amber le Bon, daughter of model Yasmin Le Bon has modelled a preview of some graduate designs. You will see them beneeth here. I love most of the designs, but there are two i'm not sure about.

Designed by Eileen-Pang Liv

Designed by Harriet Blackwell, Southampton Solent University

Designed by Jennifer Allen, UCA Rochester.

Designed by Julie Han-Yung Yeung, Northumbria University

Designed by Nicola Chisnall, University of West of England 

Designed by Rebecca Odubanjo, Colchester School of Art & Design
I don't like this design.

Designed by Samantha Wood, UCA Epsom
The same for this design

Designed by Kylie Graham Spiers, Edinburgh College of Art

   Model: AMBER LE BON

So happy birthday and the the catwalk show will follow soon!


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woensdag 18 mei 2011


Albert Heijn lemon sorbet ice cream

Banana (:

and here you go: A lemon sorbet with banana.
Result? It's reaaaaaaaaally good (:
TIP: If you eat it with strawberries and/or chocolate sauce it's even better!

If you want to, please comment on my previous post! I still don't know which one to choose!
Help me ):

zondag 15 mei 2011

Model style

Hey lovely readers,

today I've been looking for model's style on the internet. I used models I knew, so it would be easier to comment. The models are Natasha Poly, Liu Wen, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Marcelina Sowa. I'll show their regular style, street style and Marcelina's event style. Hope you like it!

I'd describe her style as black, punk but the lipstick makes it chique/rock in away. She accentuates her lips and eyes a lot. I'm nog a big fan of her shoes, but overall I like her style..
I love Liu Wen's style. She classy, punk, rock, really street style in her own way.  My favourite, as you can see, is the bigger picture. her eyes look amazing, her legging's so cool and the top combined with the shoes is just amazing! She's what a lot of people call 'a natural beauty' and I agree.
This is Abbey Lee. Big fan. Big fan. There's soo much I want to say. I mean, look at the bags, look at the sunglasses, the green coat, the skirt and dress, everything. She's such an icon for me. I love her hair too and the necklaces she wears are so cool. Her style is a little bit of everything. She wears (long) skirts and dresses mostly, she uses the colours beige, grey, black a lot. Not very bright, just a little somewhere. ❤
Last but not least, Marcelina Sowa's event style. I think she's very classy and sooo gorgeous! She's a natural beauty too and is happy to show it. Her event style's not very unique or impressing but it is very beautiful and it suits her as it is made for her.

I hope you enjoyed it and have a nice sunday!

zaterdag 14 mei 2011


This summer totally hot: Punk
Got any ripped jeans or denim shorts, destroyed and old T-Shirts or panty's with ladders? Than you're ready to go! Denim, leather and rayban sunglasses will be it! With just the right bag you're ready to go Punk!

Streetstyle trends: Stripes are back!
Spotted on the street: Striped dresses, skirts, T-shirts and blazers, for guys and girls! But ofcourse, vertical only. People often think that they make you bigger, havier or other bullshit and that might be true in some circumestances but if you combinate your item with black, grey, dark blue or a different dark colour nobody will notice!

Trends: As seen on catwalk
Here are the summertrends spotted on catwalk, showed by all sorts of designers. 
Some surprising, some not, but all very fashionable and a must this season!