zondag 5 juni 2011

Colours of the rainbow

This summer, as i'm sure of you've seen, all colours are possible. You can combine the weirdest colours and it still looks good! We're back in the 70's/80's I guess (: Here are some outfits with the colours of the rainbow!

For a happy, cheery look yellow and purple are ideal! Not every colour yellow or purple matches with the other, but mostly it's a good match. 

This is my favourite. Green and blue. These colours combined give you a fresh and natural look and make you stunning!  Between them? Turquoise.! My favourite colour (: It's the colour of the sunglasses and the thrid bracelet. Make sure it's not too much, because we don't want to look like idiots, do we?1

Orange is a colour most people don't give a shot, but it's actually a beautiful, bright and shiny colour! Combined wit white, it will give your a summer, girly and most of all very fashionable feeling and look! I think everyone you should try to wear orange! 

Red + black = a little bit punk. But that's okay cause as you see in this post punk's a huge trend this summer. But these two colours combined don't have to be punk. Try a LBD with red heels and a red purse: Perfect! And black killerheels aren't quite punk either (: So try and keep your wardrobe versatile.

Every colour has it's own pro's and con's!


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10 opmerkingen:

LonnekeS zei

nog bedankt voor je reactie!
leuk gedaan dit! k hou wel van een beetje punk, hahah. zullen we elkaar volgen?


Lieke zei

Leuke collages! zeker gemaakt met polyvore :)?


Anoniem zei

Leeuke collages heb je gemaakt. Die tweede is mooi. x

Carla zei

Heel leuk gemaakt! Eindelijk, er komt kleur in de zomer haha :D

en nog bedankt voor je reactie :)


Fashionable and me♥ zei

I love colors!

ManonvanderHave. zei

leuke kleding zo bij elkaar :D

Marleen zei

leuke collages! ik vind felblauwe shortje wel leuk, maar colourblocking is zo opvallend vind ik zelf:$

Anne zei

leuke collages!

Floortje zei

Super leuk idee en mooi gemaakt!!

Calista zei

Superleuke collages, mooie kleuren combinaties, ze zijn allemaal heel leuk! x